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Thursday, July 29, 2010

FREE Wedding Reception Ideas!

We all have things around the house (or family, neighbor, friends, etc... - anybody you can take stuff from...) that you can incorporate into your wedding.  Not only is re-purposing super cheap (or free!) for you, it's also eco-friendly too!  You can incorporate so many "found" things.

If you have...

1. Wine Cork - Make placecard holders!  Slice off a side of the cork so it doesn't roll around.  And then cut a slit on the top.  These here are $23 for 12!  Save yourself some money, and do it yourself!  (Besides, I'm pretty sure you've popped a few bottles of wine since your engagement anyways...!)

2. Mason Jars - Use any clear gas jars as flower pots, candle holders, centerpieces...

3. Book Ring Holder - If you have a book that's meaningful to your relationship, than this is the perfect idea for you!  Just cut a whole inside the book, and use ribbon to tie your rings to the book for your ring holder!

4. Christmas Lights - Christmas lights look beautiful in the holiday season.  So why not bust them out for your special day too?  Or add tiny lanterns around icicle lights if that fits your theme!

5. Clear Vase - Make a Cake Stand!  This only works with short vases - we wouldn't want your wedding cake to be a balancing act...!  Place flowers into your vase.  Then add a piece of glass on top to place your cake on!  Hint: for a more traditional wedding, use a round piece of glass or plate instead.

6. Toilet Paper Rolls - Make napkin ring holders!  Toilet paper rolls are perfect sizes for napkin ring holders.  And what's great is that since you're only going to be using them for one day, it doesn't have to be as sturdy as store bought ones.  Just cut your toilet roll to 3/4".  Then wrap a small piece of fabric around it and glue.  So easy!

Here are some great ideas to to save you some money!  If you have other ideas, please share them with us!

TIP:  Before you throw things away, think about how you can repurpose the item.  Don't be afraid to call around to find more items you need.  For example, many local wineries are willin give away free cork if you just ask.