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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Themed Wedding

We have all thought about our wedding at least some time in our lives.  However, sometimes it's not that easy to translate our dreams into reality.  This is going to be one of the most important events in your lives, and you want it to be special, to represent the two of you, and basically perfect in every way imaginable... :)

Since this is a once in a lifetime event, you want to do everything you have ever dreamed of. Love peacocks? (Because I do!) But that doesn't mean I want live peacocks running aroound during the reception...  The trick is to translate your dreams and ideas into something relateable.

Instead of having something as literal as actual peacocks use your inspirations in a more subtle way. Such as instead of pictures of peacocks on everything, maybe use teal with purple as an accent color. (Although those are both strong colors, you might want to tone it down with an additional neutral color.) And add some feather graphics to give things some interest.

The idea is to translate your creative ideas and great imagination into something sophisticated and stunning. Really strong ideas can sometimes be tacky.  To do that, you want to give hints to your theme throughout.  However, not every detail needs to point to it.  Afterall, you want people to remember the two of you guys getting married, and not the ridiculous decorations you had...

Here are some examples of taking something literal, and making it less obvious, and more sophisticated.

 BEACH Inspired:

TWILIGHT Inspired:


NATURE Inspired:



BARBIE Inspired:

TIP: The key to decorating for themed events is to have only one thing be the focus. When everything is overly decorated, than the space looks overwhelming.  Therefore, if you have stunning flowers in your centerpieces for a tropical theme, than keep the linens simple.  If you want focus on your princess style wedding dress, than wear a lot of "bling," but have everything else muted.  Don't let your decorations fight each other for attention.  There should be one "star" for your decorations, and others will play a supporting roll.