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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Themed Wedding

We have all thought about our wedding at least some time in our lives.  However, sometimes it's not that easy to translate our dreams into reality.  This is going to be one of the most important events in your lives, and you want it to be special, to represent the two of you, and basically perfect in every way imaginable... :)

Since this is a once in a lifetime event, you want to do everything you have ever dreamed of. Love peacocks? (Because I do!) But that doesn't mean I want live peacocks running aroound during the reception...  The trick is to translate your dreams and ideas into something relateable.

Instead of having something as literal as actual peacocks use your inspirations in a more subtle way. Such as instead of pictures of peacocks on everything, maybe use teal with purple as an accent color. (Although those are both strong colors, you might want to tone it down with an additional neutral color.) And add some feather graphics to give things some interest.

The idea is to translate your creative ideas and great imagination into something sophisticated and stunning. Really strong ideas can sometimes be tacky.  To do that, you want to give hints to your theme throughout.  However, not every detail needs to point to it.  Afterall, you want people to remember the two of you guys getting married, and not the ridiculous decorations you had...

Here are some examples of taking something literal, and making it less obvious, and more sophisticated.

 BEACH Inspired:

TWILIGHT Inspired:


NATURE Inspired:



BARBIE Inspired:

TIP: The key to decorating for themed events is to have only one thing be the focus. When everything is overly decorated, than the space looks overwhelming.  Therefore, if you have stunning flowers in your centerpieces for a tropical theme, than keep the linens simple.  If you want focus on your princess style wedding dress, than wear a lot of "bling," but have everything else muted.  Don't let your decorations fight each other for attention.  There should be one "star" for your decorations, and others will play a supporting roll.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

FREE Wedding Reception Ideas!

We all have things around the house (or family, neighbor, friends, etc... - anybody you can take stuff from...) that you can incorporate into your wedding.  Not only is re-purposing super cheap (or free!) for you, it's also eco-friendly too!  You can incorporate so many "found" things.

If you have...

1. Wine Cork - Make placecard holders!  Slice off a side of the cork so it doesn't roll around.  And then cut a slit on the top.  These here are $23 for 12!  Save yourself some money, and do it yourself!  (Besides, I'm pretty sure you've popped a few bottles of wine since your engagement anyways...!)

2. Mason Jars - Use any clear gas jars as flower pots, candle holders, centerpieces...

3. Book Ring Holder - If you have a book that's meaningful to your relationship, than this is the perfect idea for you!  Just cut a whole inside the book, and use ribbon to tie your rings to the book for your ring holder!

4. Christmas Lights - Christmas lights look beautiful in the holiday season.  So why not bust them out for your special day too?  Or add tiny lanterns around icicle lights if that fits your theme!

5. Clear Vase - Make a Cake Stand!  This only works with short vases - we wouldn't want your wedding cake to be a balancing act...!  Place flowers into your vase.  Then add a piece of glass on top to place your cake on!  Hint: for a more traditional wedding, use a round piece of glass or plate instead.

6. Toilet Paper Rolls - Make napkin ring holders!  Toilet paper rolls are perfect sizes for napkin ring holders.  And what's great is that since you're only going to be using them for one day, it doesn't have to be as sturdy as store bought ones.  Just cut your toilet roll to 3/4".  Then wrap a small piece of fabric around it and glue.  So easy!

Here are some great ideas to to save you some money!  If you have other ideas, please share them with us!

TIP:  Before you throw things away, think about how you can repurpose the item.  Don't be afraid to call around to find more items you need.  For example, many local wineries are willin give away free cork if you just ask.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tips for buying a Wedding Dress

I've learned a few tips from my time working at bridal gown store, and I wanted to share them with you!
    Photo courtesy of: Stylish Soiree
  1. Size DOES NOT matter!  I know this is a simple concept, but most people still get hung up on the Size #.  As long as it looks good, who cares what size it is?  And especailly if your dress is imported, it might not be the same sizing chart as you're used to for your normal clothes anyways.
  2. Try on all colors of white. Usually only really pale people look good in ordinary White.
  3. Get it altered.  You want to do the final fitting about 1 month before the wedding.  And if you're on a budget (and who isn't), it is usually more worth it to spend it on alterations than a more expensive gown.  You can make a inexpensive gown look amazing if it is customed to your body.
  4. Don't bring your entire crew with you.  At most, bring 2 - 3 people that will HELP you make your decision.  I know everyone wants to come - your mother, sisters, bridesmaids, cousins, grandma, your mother's best friend, etc...  But with too many people telling you what they think, it's hard to figure out what YOU want.  After you have already picked out your gown, then go ahead and invite them to the fitting.  Then they can all ooh and ahhh on how fabulous you look!
  5. Sweetheart neckline & Corset looks good on almost eveyone.  Even if you're not considering these, you can try it on to see.  The sweetheart neckline is a good shape for your chest, and the corset gives people a great hourglass shape.
  6. You CAN haggle.  In this economy, you can pretty much bargain everywhere you go.  And sales representatives in this industry usually work on commission.  So they rather make less money, than no money at all.  It's a win-win.  (Sometimes you might need to ask to see if the sales person can ask the manager.)  Even if you can't get a discount, maybe you'll score some fee accessories like the veil, jewelry, or a garter.  Never hurts to ask!
  7. Caution when buying online.  So you thought you tried it on in the store, found the exact dress you want (and this is the only time you should EVER buy your wedding gown online), and then found a great deal from some random place online.  But it arrives, and somehow looks...different.  Many stores now sell "like" so-and-so designer.  So it might look the same, but the quality's not the same.  But there are many deals that can be found online, so definitely look, just be careful!
  8. Don't buy the first dress you see!  Many brides-to-be fall in love immediately.  But PLEASE try on at least 5 different gowns.  (I'm going to try on like 100! Just kidding...maybe.)
If you have any questions about buying a wedding gown, leave me a comment!  Good luck, and congratulations on the engagement!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Ever look for something that you want, and can't seem to find where to buy it?  Have you tried Etsy

Etsy is a website that allows people to sell the stuff they create, vintage finds, and a great resource for weddings!  Just about everything is handmade, and one-of-a-kind.  Now don't mistake this stuff for things that you made if your crafts class...

Looking to get something custom made? Many of these Etsy sellers are willing to create something to your specifications.  But there's literally hundreds of thousands of things listed. Everything from jewelry to toys to clothing...

BONUS!  Because things are sold by individuals, there's a lot of stuff that is cheaper than if you went to the store and bought it. 
Check out some of these gorgeous items:

$58 from VieModern

$81 for all 3 from ToyBreaker

$30 from RavensBloom

Notice the peacock theme :)
Lately, I've been crushing on all things peacock feathers!  I'm not getting married, but I'm thinking about getting some peacock feather pillows for my new many choices!

TIP: These is a great place to find all kinds of one-of-a-kind gifts.  Mother's Day is this weekend, don't forget!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Egg-tastic Center Piece for your Easter Brunch

Just to proclaim, I love eggs.  I think it's God's gift to Earth.

When I was little, the first and only thing I knew how to cook was scrambled eggs.  And anytime I was hungry, I would make it.  Enough so, that my mom gave me a rule that I was only allowed 2 eggs a day...sad day for me!

Now that you know that about me, you can see why I'm so excited about this center piece idea for Brunch that's coming up this weekend or anytime!

Center piece idea courtesy of Shelter Pop

Photo courtesy of Shelter Pop
All you need are:
- A few vases that you can buy from Ikea for $0.79/piece (gotta love Ikea!)
- Roses
- Water
- And lots of egg shells!!!

1. Take the roses, and clip off all the thorns.  Then clip the stem off the rose.
2. Fill your vase about 2/3 the way with water
3. Poke a hole at the bottom of a few of the egg shells.  Stick in your stem from the rose.  Stack the rest of the egg shells.
4. Place the rose on top of all your egg shells, and you're done!
Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Open Bar or Cash Bar?

We always get questions on whether if an Open Bar is worth it?  An open bar can cost an average of $3,000, and it's definitely a large factor when their is a limited budget.

And the answer all depends on you (assuming you are the bride/groom/or someone who is paying for the wedding).

Photo courtesy of: MG Events

Here are some things to consider:

1. Budget - no explanation needed.

2. Guests - This is probably the main factor to deciding whether to have an Open Bar, Cash Bar, or even no bar at all!

If the majority of guests are just family, then you might just consider having a few bottles of wine at each table.  Keep in mind that an open bar is usually charged by the number of guests, and children are considered too.

But if your guest list consists of mostly people you go to happy hour with, then you might want to splurge on the open bar.

You can also have drink tokens for guests.  Give 2 tokens for each guest (over the age of 21) to get whichever drink they want.  And if they want more than that, then they can pay for it themselves.

If you are have a lot of guests flying in from out of town, please remember that they are already paying a lot of money just to attend your wedding.

Remember to have non-alcoholic drinks for those who can't drink or don't want to!

Photo courtesy of: Cococozy

3. Atmosphere - It used to be that having a cash bar was a big no-no at weddings.  It was considered improper etiquette, and rude. However, now weddings are more laid back and pretty much anything goes.  (BYOB is still considered tacky!)

With that in mind, if your wedding trends on the more traditional side, then it would be better etiquette to have an open bar.

Photo courtesy of: Capability Events

4. Venue - Most venues now have a variety of options on alcohol.  So ask your venue how much an open bar or cash bar would cost.  Remember to make sure that they have a liquor's license!  Consider bringing in your own liquor, but ask about the corking fee.  And remember to ask about protocal for tipping the bartender because that adds up!

And don't forget about the champagne toast!

Photo courtesy of: Love is the Cure Blog

5. Type of alcohol - We all know that the prices of alcohol vary greatly.  Therefore, it's really up to you on what types of alcohol you prefer.  Here's a great article by Real Simple on when to spend and splurge!

If you're looking to cut costs:
- Instead of buying a bunch of different types of cheap alcohol, see if buying bulk of 2 or 3 kinds of decent alcohol would be less costly.  Quality is better than quantity.
- You might want to have only one signature cocktail that matches the colors/theme of your wedding.  Then just serve your favorite inexpensive beer/wine.
- Go with cheaper vodka.  Vodka drinks are usually mixed in with something else.  Therefore guests won't really taste much difference. 

Photo Courtesy of: Prima Donna Bride

TIP: If you cannot decide, have an Open Bar for only an hour or two during the reception.  That way guests who want can go for the Open Bar, but you don't end up paying for a lot of extras.  Think about doing it when you are taking your photos.  That way your guests have something to do while your busy capturing once in a lifetime memories!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's for Lunch?

Here's an awesome new website for you readers to check out: Lunchwalla

The site makes getting together with your friends super easy!  Basically it gets everybody together for Lunch (or dinner, breakfast, cocktails, etc...).

Example - If I want to get together with my friends for happy hour after work today...
Step 1: Invite friends
Step 2: Select the place(s) I'm considering of going (yes, I can pick more than 1 place - read on to see what I'm talking about!)
Step 3: Send the Invitations, and you're done!

Now here's the cool part...
Your friends can vote on which place they want to go!  So by happy hour... everyone will know who, when and where to be! Easy!

Some other cool features:
- There's lots of coupons on the site!
- Import contacts directly from your email(s)
- State if you're a vegetarian
- Sign up with your Facebook account (which I assume everyone has, unless you live under a rock, or you're my parents... I'm just kidding! not really...)

Finally...a website that helps indecisive people like me

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Systems for Managing Your Mail in Small Doses

Recently I have noticed that living with more than one person that recieves mail, the piles can get out of control and just plain messy. I have decided to throw out a few pointers in getting your mail organized and under control in no time! Everything has a place for it, even your mail. Follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Designate a workspace-it can be a storage box, basket or a bin to put incoming mail (one storage item per person recieving mail). It should no be bigger than holding a weeks worth of mail.

2. Have a recycled bin near the workspace to get rid of junk mail right away. This will decrease the pile of mail to sort through.

3. Make time- Dedicate at least 5 minutes sorting through your mail per day. Or wait till the end of the week and dedicate a half an hour.

4. Develope another filling system to place the different types of mail you recieve. This can be a filing bin or a mounted mail organizer in categories like credit cards, personal mail, utilities, student loans, etc.
5. Get a shredder- Any documents that has personal information and you no longer need should be shredded to avoid identity theft.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wedding Wisdom is a thoughtfully written book of advice, insights, and experiences from renowned Los Angeles based "Wedding Fixer," Mary Dann-McNamee and co-writer, Wedding Publicist, Leila Khalil. Written from Mary's unique viewpoint with over 18 years of wedding planning experience and 10 years as a marriage and family therapist, thsi insightful book offers sage advice to both Brides and Wedding Planners alike. By addressing the wedding process from all significant angles-emothinally, practically, spiritually, and joyously-Wedding Wisdom helps readers get to "I Do" with grace and ease under the guidance of one of the industry's most respected and admired planners, Mary Dann-McNamee.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friends

Personally, I don't own any diamonds... But like any other gal, I still love my jewelry!

I've always had a problem storing my jewelry because I hate the idea of bundling everything in a box.  So here are some ideas to organize your jewelry:

How pretty is this Filigree Jewelry Holder from Urban Outfitters for $24.00?  And I love the idea of displaying your jewelry as part of your wall art!

This Hanging Jewelry Organizer for $9.99 from the Container Store is great for someone who is limited on space.  It allows you to see all of your jewelry at once for quick accessorizing.

Or if you're looking to utilize the space behind your door, Crafynest has a great idea for changing a Bamboo Screen into a great accessories holder!

If you have more drawer space than closet space, than this Canvas/Suede Jewelry Organizer from Target for $12.99 may be the one for you!

Looking for something different from what everyone else has?  How about making your own jewelry holder?  Centsational Girl gives you a tutorial on how you can create this gorgeous Jewelry Tree from things in your backyard!

Personally, I sort my jewelry in small Tealight Candle Holders that I purchased from Ikea for $1.99.  I have my jewelry and makeup on a Breakfast Tray, next to my full-length mirror.  I like to group similar color jewelry together for easy matching when I'm in a rush.

TIP: Do you have earrings that you have lost one of the pair to?  Don't just throw the earring away, use it as a pushpin!  It's a great way to add some fun into your daily bulletin board.

Photo Courtesy of Real Simple

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Be My Valentine

For those of you who are throwing a Valentine's Day party, or if you're just thinking about giving away little treats for the one's you love, hear are some Valentine favor ideas to give out:

Here's a simple, and personal Valentine to give away.  These are just little clear cellophane bags filled with pink and red candy. Then you can top off with a personal message or picture.  You can mix and match candies for a fun variation.  Message idea: "Kisses from ______ ", and fill with Hershey's Kisses!

Idea Courtesy of The Crafts Dept.

Do you have extra pots, vases or mugs lying around the house?  Then use then to make cute Flower Pot Pens that will brighten up anyone's day!  These flowers are actually pens in disguise.  Just wrap a few ordinary pens with fake flowers using green floral tape, and create yourself a bouquet!

For instructions, visit Do-It-Yourself Gifts

When I saw this cute Valentine Mail, I got really excited because I have an undying love for Target.  And I saw similar mailboxes at Target's Dollar Spot (I think they changed the name of that section, but that's still what I refer to it as.).  The mailboxes come in white,  pinks, and reds. For a dollar each, you can't beat that!  Put a Valentine's Day message inside the mailbox and, voila, you're done!

Idea courtesy of Makes and Takes

If you have left over mini candy canes from Christmas, here's an idea for you!  Make these Heart Lollipops!  All you need are candy canes and lollipop sticks.  Melt 2 pieces of candy canes in the shape of a heart in the oven for 5 minutes at 300 degrees.  Once they look like they're starting to melt, take them out and stick a lollipop stick into the center, then pinch the sides in.  Then dress it up as you wish!

Idea courtesy of Skip To My Lou

This year is all about being frugal, so try to incorporate what you got around the house!  Have a box of cake mix in your house?  Then make some Valentine cupcakes!  Have leftover red wrapping paper that isn't too Christmas-y?  Then use that with some white tissue paper to wrap your Valentine gifts!  Valentine's Day is truly the holiday where it's the thought that counts.  So be creative with your gifts, and the receiver will love it!

TIP: If you're looking for ideas for your wedding, just change the color of any of these favor ideas to match your theme!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Do...Want a Green Wedding!

Here are 4 ways to Green your wedding from Chick Advisor!

1.  Eco-friendly florals
2. Sustainable invitations and paper products
3. "Zero Carbon" Wedding
4. Buy Local

Go to Chick Advisor to read more about it!

TIP:  Instead of registering for traditional wedding gifts, ask your guests to donate to a green charity, such as Greenpeace.  Not only will you save waste from all those wrapping paper, but your gifts will benefit the environment!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I see London, I see France...

I see Victoria's Secret Underpants!

Wedding season is just around the corner, and we're definitely looking forward to it.  Here's a cute gift for a soon-to-be newlywed: The Lacie bridal by Victoria's Secret

Who can't use more underwear?  And what's great about the Lacie is that they are one size fits all!  So you don't have to worry about getting the wrong size.

At $16 a piece, they're a little pricey.  However, you can also get 3/$30 which is a steal!  Honeymoon anyone?  And right now, Victoria's Secret is having their infamous semi-annual sale, so pick up something for yourself too while you're at it!

TIP:  Reconsider the bright colored underwear if the bride's dress is sheer.  No need for explanation...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Love is in the Air

I hate to say it, but Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  And if you're planning to throw a Valentine's Day party, now is the time to start planning!

Photo courtesy of: Purple Trail Party Ideas

Here are a few Valentine's Day party ideas to get you started:

1. Red, Pink or White Party: Wear RED if you're looking for somebody, PINK if you're not sure, and WHITE if you're taken and off the market!

2.  Valentine Cookies & Cupcake Party: Have everyone bring in some sort of candy, frosting, sprinkle, etc...  And have some plain cookies and cupcakes prepared, and everyone can decorate their own, and maybe share it with somebody else...

3. Keys Party: Have all of women drop their keys in a bowl.  Once everyone's keys are in, have each man draw one set of keys from the bowl.  Then they have to find the rightful owner of the keys.  And the women have to explain each item on their key ring.

4. Wine Tasting Party: Now who doesn't like wine tasting?  Have each guest bring a bottle of their favorite wine, and everyone can have a taste!

TIP: Use Evites for your guests for an eco-friendly way to invite guests to your party.  It's free, and now they have numerous designs to fit any theme!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chew on This

New website that I'm raving about: Tasty Planner

It is a new year, and every year I have goals to eat better.  And every year, that lasts for about one week.  Hopefully, with Tasty Planner, I'll be able to stay on track (at least for another week or so...!)

What is Tasty Planner?

It's a website that helps you organize your meals every week.  It is loaded with recipes and categorized into various types such as: breakfast, healthy recipes, Vegan, etc... You can save also the recipes in your "Recipe Box" for future reference.

What makes this site great is that you can add recipes to a "Planner".   This planner is arranged from Sunday - Monday, and it allows you to save recipe(s) for each day of the week.   And then, after you have generated your meal plan for the week, the website creates a Grocery List with the combined ingredients to print out or access from your iPhone!

TIP: Use Tasty Planner for your next event!  Save simple appetizers in your recipe box that you can quickly pull out for any impromptu get together!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Ball

After visiting the East Coast this Christmas, I really appreciate the beautiful blanket of snow that covers just about every inch of Boston at this time of year!  Living in San Diego, the closest thing we have to snow are the icicle Christmas lights that people hang up every year...

Waking up in the morning to find a coat of fresh powder is completely inspiring, and I wish I could throw a winter-white wedding!

Photo courtesy of:

And now is a great time to pick up leftover Christmas/New Year’s decorations that fit your snow theme!  And fun-shaped ornaments can be a great decoration that isn’t too Christmas-y.

Pick up these tear drop ornaments at Oriental Trading

Here are a few things that you should pick up now for your winter white wedding now:

  1. Christmas Lights
  2. White/Silver/Gold Ribbon
  3. White Tissue Paper
  4. Fake Snow, in both Can and Cotton form
  5. Glitter
  6. Cocktail Dress for your Reception
  7. Ornaments

Photo Courtesy of The Knot

TIP: Spray paint twigs white for a beautiful ethereal centerpiece.  Not only does it cut costs, but it is also a great way to bring the outdoors inside to add to your winter wonderland theme!