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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Systems for Managing Your Mail in Small Doses

Recently I have noticed that living with more than one person that recieves mail, the piles can get out of control and just plain messy. I have decided to throw out a few pointers in getting your mail organized and under control in no time! Everything has a place for it, even your mail. Follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Designate a workspace-it can be a storage box, basket or a bin to put incoming mail (one storage item per person recieving mail). It should no be bigger than holding a weeks worth of mail.

2. Have a recycled bin near the workspace to get rid of junk mail right away. This will decrease the pile of mail to sort through.

3. Make time- Dedicate at least 5 minutes sorting through your mail per day. Or wait till the end of the week and dedicate a half an hour.

4. Develope another filling system to place the different types of mail you recieve. This can be a filing bin or a mounted mail organizer in categories like credit cards, personal mail, utilities, student loans, etc.
5. Get a shredder- Any documents that has personal information and you no longer need should be shredded to avoid identity theft.

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