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Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's for Lunch?

Here's an awesome new website for you readers to check out: Lunchwalla

The site makes getting together with your friends super easy!  Basically it gets everybody together for Lunch (or dinner, breakfast, cocktails, etc...).

Example - If I want to get together with my friends for happy hour after work today...
Step 1: Invite friends
Step 2: Select the place(s) I'm considering of going (yes, I can pick more than 1 place - read on to see what I'm talking about!)
Step 3: Send the Invitations, and you're done!

Now here's the cool part...
Your friends can vote on which place they want to go!  So by happy hour... everyone will know who, when and where to be! Easy!

Some other cool features:
- There's lots of coupons on the site!
- Import contacts directly from your email(s)
- State if you're a vegetarian
- Sign up with your Facebook account (which I assume everyone has, unless you live under a rock, or you're my parents... I'm just kidding! not really...)

Finally...a website that helps indecisive people like me

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