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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tips for buying a Wedding Dress

I've learned a few tips from my time working at bridal gown store, and I wanted to share them with you!
    Photo courtesy of: Stylish Soiree
  1. Size DOES NOT matter!  I know this is a simple concept, but most people still get hung up on the Size #.  As long as it looks good, who cares what size it is?  And especailly if your dress is imported, it might not be the same sizing chart as you're used to for your normal clothes anyways.
  2. Try on all colors of white. Usually only really pale people look good in ordinary White.
  3. Get it altered.  You want to do the final fitting about 1 month before the wedding.  And if you're on a budget (and who isn't), it is usually more worth it to spend it on alterations than a more expensive gown.  You can make a inexpensive gown look amazing if it is customed to your body.
  4. Don't bring your entire crew with you.  At most, bring 2 - 3 people that will HELP you make your decision.  I know everyone wants to come - your mother, sisters, bridesmaids, cousins, grandma, your mother's best friend, etc...  But with too many people telling you what they think, it's hard to figure out what YOU want.  After you have already picked out your gown, then go ahead and invite them to the fitting.  Then they can all ooh and ahhh on how fabulous you look!
  5. Sweetheart neckline & Corset looks good on almost eveyone.  Even if you're not considering these, you can try it on to see.  The sweetheart neckline is a good shape for your chest, and the corset gives people a great hourglass shape.
  6. You CAN haggle.  In this economy, you can pretty much bargain everywhere you go.  And sales representatives in this industry usually work on commission.  So they rather make less money, than no money at all.  It's a win-win.  (Sometimes you might need to ask to see if the sales person can ask the manager.)  Even if you can't get a discount, maybe you'll score some fee accessories like the veil, jewelry, or a garter.  Never hurts to ask!
  7. Caution when buying online.  So you thought you tried it on in the store, found the exact dress you want (and this is the only time you should EVER buy your wedding gown online), and then found a great deal from some random place online.  But it arrives, and somehow looks...different.  Many stores now sell "like" so-and-so designer.  So it might look the same, but the quality's not the same.  But there are many deals that can be found online, so definitely look, just be careful!
  8. Don't buy the first dress you see!  Many brides-to-be fall in love immediately.  But PLEASE try on at least 5 different gowns.  (I'm going to try on like 100! Just kidding...maybe.)
If you have any questions about buying a wedding gown, leave me a comment!  Good luck, and congratulations on the engagement!

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